Green Endurance Flooring is guaranteed to never peel, bubble or blister like traditional coatings or sealers, when installed and maintained only with Green Endurance Polished Concrete Cleaner and Maintenance Pads.

The purchaser is responsible to make his or her own determination as to the suitability of the product for their particular use, and understands that each installation will result in a consistently inconsistent finish and that patched areas will not blend in and will be noticeable. The purchaser understands that no two jobs are alike and finished results will vary. The purchaser further understands that mockups are to be used as a reference and general guide as to the appearance of the finished product, and are not to be used with the expectation that the finished floor will result in a duplicate of the mock up.

This warranty may not be modified in any way by installers or representatives of Green Endurance Flooring. It is also further understood that Green Endurance Flooring installers are independent contractors that meet the Green Endurance Flooring installer criteria and all warranties are honored by the Green Endurance Flooring installer.


Green Endurance installers are independent licensees, installers may not act as an agent of Green Endurance and Green Endurance does not assume any liability to any such person by virtue of the Installer's entry into a contract for or performance of work.