Green Endurance vs. Polished Concrete

Construction workers polishing concrete

Green Endurance
is a form of polished concrete...

...that works towards controlling the multitude of variables within and not within a polishing contractors control through the use of all specifications that affect the result of the polishing process and utilizing installers who have the proper equipment, expertise in large job site logistics and the thorough knowledge of the mechanical polishing process.

Green Endurance is DIFFERENT from polished concrete because:

A. Green Endurance works towards controlling the variables.

There are variables not within a polishing contractor's control and there are variables that are within a polishing contractor's control.

Variables NOT within a contractor's control that are brought into control:
Joint Placement, Mix Design, Finishing Methods, Curing Methods, Floor Flatness

Results are significantly improved when the concrete slab is poured within specifications that lend themselves to the Green Endurance Flooring process.

Variables that ARE within a contractor's control that are managed for quality:
Equipment, Abrasives, the Process of Grinding, Honing and Polishing

Green Endurance requires each installer to be accredited as a "Master Craftsman" by the Concrete Polishing Association of America. Master Craftsmen have the knowledge of joint placement, concrete mix design, finishing methods and the understanding of how to achieve floor flatness, all of which affect the final outcome of the specialized diamond abrasive - mechanical process.

Master Craftsmen have an understanding of how the concrete's hardness and equipment's RPM, direction and type of rotating movement, weight, and the rate at which the equipment moves across the surface in a linear motion works in conjunction with the hardness and tread style of the diamond abrasive.

To produce the best possible outcome, Green Endurance installers are required to use specific equipment and abrasives of the highest quality. For more information on the importance of quality abrasives, read "Abrasives 101."

B. Green Endurance Flooring uses the same tight specifications...

...for processing stone such as granite to a polished finish.

C. Green Endurance installers are independent...

...and have extensive and proven experience. They are not new to the industry and have solid track records. Green Endurance Flooring installers must meet the following criteria to ensure the highest level of standards and quality of the finished product, logistically have the ability to complete a job efficiently and in a timely manner, and understand job site safety:

  • 3 years' experience polishing concrete, with a minimum of 36 jobs that have passed a Green Endurance review.
  • Bondable up to a half a million dollars.
  • Carry $2 million in General Aggregate Liability insurance in addition to $5 million Excess/Umbrella Liability Insurance.
  • Accredited "Master Craftsman" by the Concrete Polishing Association of America.
  • Signed code of ethics.
  • 4 machines 32" or larger.
  • Stand up edge equipment.
  • Polyurea Pump.
  • Auto-Scrubber.
  • Propane Burnisher.
  • Vacuum systems specifically designed for fine particulate concrete dust.
  • Written safety plan with weekly "tool box talks."
  • Approved equipment and abrasives.
  • Properly licensed for the area they serve.