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Although a Green Endurance processed surface is more durable than most other flooring options, it is not maintenance free. It does, however, eliminate the need for expensive replacement, sealers, laborious cleaning routines, and harsh chemicals.

Green Endurance Flooring does not go through frequent rollercoaster deep cleaning or restoration cycles like other flooring. Various flooring material will look great when first deep cleaned or restored. As they receive wear, their appearance quickly degrades even when frequently maintained. Not until they are deep cleaned or refinished do they look great again. Green Endurance Flooring will last many, many years without the use of waxes or coatings. Associated costs with stripping, top scrubbing, refinishing and deep cleaning are eliminated.

Maintenance consists of dry debris removal, wet cleaning, burnishing, and refresh.

The frequency of each task is dependent on several factors such as traffic, the type of traffic, what type of soil is being left on the floor, parking lot material, outside landscaping, weather conditions, entrance matting and how well each individual maintenance task is performed and how often.

Just as with all other flooring, ALWAYS clean up all spills of any kind immediately. Do not expose the surface to anything acidic, highly alkaline or which contains oils. If tape or gum needs to be removed from the surface, do so with a plastic blade: do not use metal.

Green Endurance Flooring reduces maintenance costs.


Install and Maintain Entrance Matting - A study done by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) found that up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in through each major entrance into a building over the course of a 20 day work period. Up to 90% of this dirt can be stopped through the use of an effective matting system that removes and captures debris, then removes moisture from incoming traffic. Outside the door, install a mat that has a scraping action. When there is an entrance vestibule install a matt that has both scrapping and absorbing properties. On the innermost part of the entrance inside the door, install a mat that has mostly absorbing properties. All matting should be designed to allow soil to fall to the back of the mat and not sit on top. Rental matting is not recommended.


Remove dry debris DAILY from entrance matting and flooring surface through the use of a back pack vacuum. Vacuuming captures and contains debris that can then be removed from the building. Dust mops push dry debris around where a percentage of it is left behind and becomes airborne, eventually settling back on the floor, furniture and lighting.


Wet clean with a rotary pad (not cylindrical) auto-scrubber DAILY using Green Endurance Polished Concrete Cleaner at 2oz. per gallon of water, and if an auto-scrubber is not available, use multiple micro-fiber pads. An auto scrubber will put down clean water, scrub and then vacuum up the dirty water continually in one pass. Do not stand in one place with the auto scrubber; make sure it is always moving forward in a liner motion. Other methods of wet cleaning, such as a string mop, ends up reapplying and spreading dirty water back onto the floor once the mopping water is contaminated and becomes dirty. Microfiber mops work well, although when cleaning large areas, the pads quickly become dirty and have to be changed excessively often. Use micro fiber pads for areas an auto-scrubber cannot reach. Carry a window squeegee and clean rags to help remove any cleaning solution left on the floor by the auto scrubber. When finished, wash all pads thoroughly and hang to dry. Drain dirty water from the auto scrubber tank, rinse and leave open to dry. Inspect squeegee for damage or wear and replace if necessary before next cleaning.


Burnish the floor WEEKLY or AS NEEDED with a burnisher spinning no less than 1,500 RPM and Diamond Bright Polished Concrete Burnishing Pad. DO NOT BURNISH FLOOR UNLESS STEPS 3 AND 4 HAVE BEEN PERFORMED IMMEDIATELY BEFORE BURNISHING. Burnishing a dirty floor will grind the dirt into the floor and spread soil that may be oily or greasy, both of which will damage the floor.


Evaluate and refresh the floor EVERY SIX MONTHS and reapply Diamond Bright Polished Concrete Protection as needed.

Green Endurance Flooring installers can perform any of the above maintenance steps and offers staff training if needed. More information about Green Endurance maintenance products can be found at