Green Endurance Flooring is a beautiful, durable and efficient surface which eliminates the need for carpets or tile and does away with expensive replacement, maintenance and use of harsh cleaning chemicals. The natural concrete floor can be customized and provides long-lasting beauty and ease of maintenance, with environmental benefits.

LEEDS Benefits/Environmentally Friendly

Choosing a Polished Concrete Solution helps your facility meet LEED® benchmarks to achieve recognition as a high-performance green building.

  • Energy and Atmosphere - Thermal Conductivity and the Reduction of Overhead Lighting Needs
  • Materials and Resources - Building Reuse, Recycled Content and Regional Materials
  • Indoor Environmental Air Quality - Low Emitting Materials and Mold Prevention
  • Innovation and Design Process

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Reduced Maintenance

Without superficial coatings, concrete polishing leaves you with a product that does not peel, chip or flake over time, making regular maintenance simple while saving time and money.

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Aesthetically Pleasing

A variety of appearances can be achieved through the polishing process, from honed to semi-polished to a highly polished surface with a high clarity of reflection and a glass-like finish. Additional enhancements range from decorative saw-cut patterns to the application of stains in a broad spectrum of colors, all custom tailored to the project at hand.

Permanent Flooring Solutions

Performance and appearance will retain greater consistency throughout the life of the surface because, unlike other finishes that rely on topical coatings, the concrete polishing process exposes and enhances the concrete's inherent strength and durability.

Energy Reduction

Polishing concrete to a higher shine increases the efficiency of installed lighting, reducing energy demands.

Eliminates Dusting and Particulate Debris

The diamond polishing and densification process eliminates the dust associated with unprocessed concrete and particles of chipping paints and epoxies that result from the wear of traditional floor coatings.

Abrasion Resistant

The concrete is highly refined using a strict and specialized diamond abrasive - mechanical process where the concrete is processed to a polished finish. This mechanical process eliminates micro imperfections of the surface, and as a result, the finished surface resists scratching and abrasions. This is the same process used for polishing a granite countertop.

Green Endurance Flooring is produced on site and is not a consistent finish. Just like granite, each floor has its own personality. The finished product is consistently inconsistent, and at the end of the day, it is still a concrete floor that has offers all of the above benefits. If you want a consistent finish, we recommend that you buy a product such as tile that is manufactured in a highly-controlled factory setting.