Green Endurance

What Is Green Endurance Flooring?

Green Endurance Flooring is a beautiful, durable and efficient surface which eliminates the need for carpets or tile and does away with expensive replacement, maintenance and use of harsh cleaning chemicals. The natural concrete floor can be customized and provides long-lasting beauty and ease of maintenance, with environmental benefits. Click here for additional benefits.

Just Like Granite

Green Endurance Flooring is a sustainable architectural concrete flooring application that processes the cast-in-place concrete to a smooth, finished flooring surface. The concrete is highly refined using a strict and specialized diamond abrasive mechanical process where the concrete is processed to a specular polished finish. This is the same process used to polish granite countertops and marble floors.

To ensure that the finished surface meets all slip code requirements, all Green Endurance floors are independently tested for slip coefficient compliance at the completion of installation.

Green Endurance Flooring is a permanent flooring solution that:

  • offers superior reflection of overhead lighting to reduce energy costs,
  • has unmatched durability,
  • provides the lowest maintenance cost of any other flooring,
  • helps meet benchmarks to earn LEED® certification,
  • can be renewed on site, and
  • has the longest life cycle over any other available flooring.

Ideal Placement

Green Endurance Flooring is primarily for new construction, where there is control over every aspect that affects the Green Endurance Flooring results - Joint Placement, Concrete Mix Design, Placement, Finishing, Curing, Polishing Process, Protection, and Ongoing Maintenance. Existing floors may be candidates, but only after careful evaluation by an accredited installer and approval from Green Endurance Flooring.

Experienced Installers

Green Endurance Flooring installers are independent and have extensive experience working with architects, designers, engineers, general contractors and owners. Green Endurance Flooring is an approved AIA continuing education provider and, upon request, we will come to your office and provide you with a presentation on the technicalities of the Green Endurance Flooring process.

Remember: at the end of the day, a processed concrete surface is still concrete; it is consistently inconsistent.

For further details, please read "vs. Polished Concrete."